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About Us

Preferred Appliance Sales and Repair

In 2014, a spark of innovation ignited in the back of a pickup truck, and
Preferred Appliance was born. George and Taylor Dempsey embarked on a journey
to transform houses into homes, guided by their unwavering commitment to
excellence and family values. With four kids at their side, they began a legacy
that has since shaped the heart of our company.

Our story resonates with dedication, growth, and a deep understanding of the
home experience. From those humble beginnings to the bustling 1st store on
Bacons Bridge Road, and finally, our spacious sanctuary on Old Trolley Rd in
Summerville in 2020, our evolution mirrors the aspirations of our community.

Taylor's grace, often accompanied by a baby, earned her the cherished title
of "lady with the baby." This heartwarming image captures our
philosophy – a personal connection that goes beyond transactions. Our service
isn't just about appliances; it's about curating your dream space alongside
your family's needs.

George's hands-on approach reflects the grit that defines Preferred
Appliance. From his days delivering and repairing appliances right from the
back of his pickup truck, to leading our company, his dedication drives our
success. His story intertwines with those of our repeat customers, who have
become part of the Preferred Appliance family.

Customer service is etched into our DNA. Our devotion to crafting homes with
care extends to every interaction. We know appliances inside and out – from the
cutting-edge technology to the time-honored classics. Your needs are our
priority, and our team stands ready to guide you with insights that only
decades of experience can provide.

As we look back on our journey, we're grateful for the trust you've placed
in us. From welcoming us into your homes to witnessing our evolution, you've
been our motivation. Preferred Appliance isn't just a company; it's a
reflection of your aspirations.

Thank you for being a part of our story. We're excited to continue crafting
homes with care, expertise, and the warmth of family.